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MANI. wants our customers to feel the love and work that went into the production. It is not simply a fashion statement but also be part of a greater goal.

The beginning of MANI. emerged from a potent realization - our world is drowning in low-quality, disposable materials that both harm our bodies and wreak havoc on our environment. Struck by the magnitude of waste in the clothing industry and its irreversible impacts, we felt compelled to make a change. Thus, we made it our mission to create long lasting, eco-friendly garments that minimize environmental damage in the production process.

Our journey then led us to the heart of Asia, where we encountered the enchanting world of local artisans. We found ourselves mesmerized by their extraordinary craftsmanship, only to realize that these age-old traditions were on the brink of fading away. The intricate, time-consuming processes involved deterred the younger generation, leaving these art forms unappreciated and undervalued. Driven to reverse this piece of history, we resolved to honor and reward these skilled artisans, helping ensure their traditions survive for future generations.

The artisans we collaborate with  choose to remain in their home villages, tending to both their families and their fields. Beyond offering them financial gains, our collaboration empowers these artisans to explore their unique creativity and skillset, further bolstering their cherished heritage. At MANI., we believe in fashion that doesn't cost the Earth, and traditions that aren't lost to time.

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