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 MANI. wants our customers to feel the love and work that went into making the clothes. It is not simply a fashion statement but also be part of a greater goal.

 The idea behind MANI sneaked up when we realized there are heavy amounts of wastage and low quality materials that damage our body with chemicals and produced on mass often thrown away. These materials have low life expectancy and cause severe damage to the people and the environment. In order to stop this, it became our mission to produce beautiful and sustainable clothes while minimize the level of waste in the production.


This project came to life when we in awe of the artisans in Asia of their amazing crafting skills. Knowing that these traditions are dying out due to its long and complicated process and the lack of inspired youth to take up the role, we wanted to provide support by letting their skills get rewarded and so the tradition get to pass on.


Our artisans are reputable masters in the industry, while some of them stay in the villages where they can take care for their families and their fields. Aside from brining them monetary benefit, this also allows them to make use of their distinctive skill and creativity, and to help sustaining their heritage.

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